Appetite suppressants “halal” to pop, says Jordan Fatwa Department


Published: 2017-06-14 12:29

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 23:35

The food Fatwa comes with a warning.
The food Fatwa comes with a warning.

If you’re seriously struggling to keep hunger at bay this Ramadan, the Fatwa Department of Jordan has something to make the fasting month more bearable.

The official body declared appetite suppressants “halal” to pop, noting that “taking the dietary pills would not break someone’s fast, especially if they find themselves suffering to the point where they might have to break their fast.”

While the Fatwa Dep. sees fit to intervene to soften those unbearable hunger pangs with tablets, they still recommend consulting a doctor before purchasing them.

The fasting Fatwa comes with a disclaimer that suggests the pills can be abused to counter the true spirit of Ramadan.

“If the purpose behind taking the appetite suppressants is to steer away from God’s worship, one should consider not taking them in order to avoid losing the good deeds they would have gained from fasting,” the department said.

In other words, the Fatwa applies to those who have a health condition that leads to feeling severely hungry while fasting and are unable to control their cravings.

For the majority of the fasting population, it’s business as usual.