Honorary Iftar held for Kamaliyeh Fire Fighters


Published: 2017-06-21 12:44

Last Updated: 2024-07-03 21:41

Fire near the King's palace. (File photo)
Fire near the King's palace. (File photo)

An honorary iftar was held yesterday by the Chief of the Royal Court, Fayez Tarawneh, at the behest of King Abdullah, for members of the Civil Defense Directorate, the Jordan Royal Guard, the Jordan Armed Forces, the Gendarmerie, the Public Service Directorate and volunteers who participated in putting out the Kamaliyeh Fire.

During the iftar, which was attended by 1500 people, Tarawneh expressed his regards to the King and all of those who participated in extinguishing the fire, and commended them for their bravery and determination.

King Abdullah II was widely praised on Arab media for personally helping to put out the forest fire near his palace, in Al-Kamaliyah area, in Amman on Saturday.

After the flames were killed, the King thanked everyone who helped fight the fire.

“It was through the noble efforts of various military and civilian entities that the fire in Al-Kamaliyah was extinguished yesterday,” HM tweeted on Twitter. “Thank you to all the brave people who helped out. God bless you and God bless Jordan.”