Keep cool this summer with the world's first self-cooling sunlounger


Published: 2017-09-05 10:58

Last Updated: 2024-05-27 14:40

Jay Ventham is the man to thank for your future perfect tan.
Jay Ventham is the man to thank for your future perfect tan.

The next time you make plans to tan in the sun, you had better hope that the world’s first self-cooling sunbed will be at your disposal.

Yes, the technology exists and will be unveiled in Dubai (of course) this month.

The big reveal will take place at The Leisure Show Dubai, where sun-worshippers will feast their eyes on the one-of-a-kind “Koulsdown.”

British-designed, the brainchild behind the revolutionary sunlounger came up with the idea after being left burned by a boiling lounger.

But what keeps “Koulsdown” so cool? A patented gel lining which keeps the furniture cool, and stops skin from burning when sunbathers lay down on the chairs.

There’s more: body temperature is reduced by two degrees thanks to the laboratory-developed gel, meaning hours under the sun without roasting like a chicken.

Jay Ventham, the man to thank for your future perfect tan, said:

“I was on holiday trying to chill out in 36 degree sun – which is not easy! When I sat down the blisteringly hot sunbed burned me so badly that I was left with rashes and sores on the underside of my legs. That’s when I got to thinking there must be a better way.”

By the time Ventham was on his flight back to the UK, he had already found a solution for his problem: a gel-lined mattress which inspired his range of outdoor-wear.

Within months, his dream became a reality, and Ventham sold his product to hotels, leisure clubs and beaches the world over.

Ventham explained: “The gel is positioned in the upper layers, thus giving an instant cooling effect when laid upon. It reacts when in contact with the body, absorbing body heat and dissipating it back out into the air, giving a pleasant, cooling feeling and relieving discomfort from over-heating. It can reduce a person’s core body temperature by up to two degrees.”

With the sunny Middle East becoming a hotspot for tourists, particularly Dubai, it is no surprise that Ventham chose the Emirati state to unveil his product.

He added: “The warmer climates of the Middle East and Africa region are best placed to benefit from the full Koulsdown range of products.

“With a fast growing number of hotels and resorts, there is vast opportunity across the region to provide thousands of people an enhanced experience at the beach or the swimming pool, through this comfortable and cooling range of outdoor furniture products.”

The Leisure Show Dubai 2017 is taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), September 18-20th, co-located with The Hotel Show, as part of Dubai International Hospitality Week.

The Dubai Tourism endorsed event, organised by dmg events and the DWTC, is expected to attract more than 50,000 visitors when it opens this month. Find out more and register to attend for free at: