Jordanian binmen complain about work circumstances during cold weather


Published: 2018-01-05 15:03

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 11:46

Photo taken by: Fares Khalifeh (Roya Arabic)
Photo taken by: Fares Khalifeh (Roya Arabic)

A video went viral for a Jordanian binman in Amman on Friday, while complaining about his work circumstances, calling on the mayor of the Amman to provide them with special clothes to protect them from cold and rain during their work in the field.

Malek, who looks in his 20s, told Roya that he went out to work on Friday since 5AM, as he works in repairing rainwater drainage channels, which are blocked by dust and debris, especially in such weather conditions.

He complained about the conditions of his work during winter, as their clothes do not protect them from severe cold and rain weather.

Malek is not the only one, there are more than 5,000 binmen working in 22 areas in Amman.

However, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) declared a state of medium alert following the weather department's forecast for the weekend, that is obviously, did not include binmen, who had to work in such bad weather conditions to save the city clean and safe for people.

Jordanians on social media went on to express their anger toward the GAM, since it neglected in protecting binmen who did not offer them safe working conditions, although they work tirelessly to keep our city clean during cold winters and rainy days.

“This man is only asking for warm clothes to protect him from cold, he started his work early at 5AM and he takes only 200 JDs, while the minister is sleeping beside his heating and spends all his working days asleep on his desk and he takes 2000 JDs. Where is justice?”

“You deserve all respect you honorable man. May God bless you and gives you health and everything that pleases you.”

“Why can't they take cold days an off day or work for only 4 hours?”

“Be merciful with those on Earth and God will be merciful with you....”