Jordanians sarcastically suggest more items that the government can impose taxes on


Published: 2018-01-17 16:31

Last Updated: 2024-07-04 10:29

Editor: Randa Darwish

Jordanians are mocking their current economic conditions.
Jordanians are mocking their current economic conditions.

A wave of anger and frustration continued spreading on Wednesday among Jordanians, fuelled by the new governmental economic reforms announced on Tuesday.

The government announced a new set of prices and taxes to start taking effect on Wednesday morning, leading Jordanians to criticize this decision, which many people believe will further increase their living expenses, and in some cases, will not allow some families from affording their daily basic needs.

The new imposed taxes target basic commodities, including bread and fuel, which in turn will increase the prices of transportation, cigarettes and foodstuffs.

Social media users launched on Wednesday the satirical hashtag “#Suggest a tax to the government”

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In other words, Jordanians wanted to draw the government’s attention to things that do not have taxes already imposed on them.

Some Jordanians started making funny suggestions:

Translation: A tax on safety and security ????????

Translation: A tax on the question: Where are you from?

Translation: Any citizen who finds a commodity not taxed, must tell the government, because they may forgot it... It is a national duty.

Translation: I suggest a tax on the snow expected on Friday to be 10%.

While others went to demand serious actions, since the current situation does not tolerate sarcasm and mocking:

Translation: The government should gather all taxes in one tax called: the tax of holding a National ID.

Translation: A tax on every MP who agree on such increase [on prices and taxes].

Translation: Do you think the problem will be solved by sarcasm?

Translation: After deep thinking, I agree on all the prices' increase and I am not mad, but I am gonna be disappointed if the Kingdom's indebtedness increased by the end of the year.