6 Annoying things that smokers do in Jordan


Published: 2018-01-29 18:14

Last Updated: 2024-07-04 18:17

Will they ever stop? (Daily Mirror)
Will they ever stop? (Daily Mirror)

It’s not often that you meet a non-smoker in Jordan.

The nation is so addicted to the killer habit that they smoke as much now as they did before the government increased the price of locally-produced cigarettes earlier this month.

Smokers might not realise it, but non-smokers get highly irritated by these 6 behaviours:

1. It’s winter, you get into a taxi, the windows are closed, and your taxi driver decides it’s OK to light a cigarette after opening 1cm of his window. You have two choices: either bear the suffocating smell until you get to your destination, or open your window and get slapped by the freezing cold wind until you leave the taxi.

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2. They moan moan moan about tax increases, but when it comes to paying extra for cigarettes, it’s “here’s my wallet.”

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3. You’re sitting peacefully at your desk at work, until somebody decides to pop out for a cigarette and make the entire office smell like one massive ashtray.

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4. You spot a “no smoking” sign somewhere, and sure enough, right next to it you find a smoker about to light their cigarette.

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5. If you’ve ever had to do some official paperwork, then you too must have been gobsmacked to see an employee behind the counter with a cigarette in their mouth.

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6. During winter, too often will you find someone with what sounds like a deadly cough, only to see a cigarette make its way to their mouth shortly after.

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