Palestinian vlogger defies judgmental society by 'getting married to life'


Published: 2018-02-18 14:50

Last Updated: 2024-06-13 06:12

Haifa runs across the Dubai Miracle Garden on her 'wedding day.' (YouTube)
Haifa runs across the Dubai Miracle Garden on her 'wedding day.' (YouTube)

Palestinian vlogger Haifa Beseisso may very well be the coolest woman you’ll read about today.

Instead of letting parental and societal pressure of getting married get to her, she took matters into her own hands, and, in the most awesome way possible, made a point by getting married... to LIFE!

The Dubai-based vlogger explained that she isn’t against the idea of marriage, but she didn’t like it when “people look at [her] with sympathy, as if [she] did something wrong by not being married yet.”

In the video, Haifa, known for her YouTube channel “Fly With Haifa,” embraces life in all its glory.

She portrays being “married to life” as a wonderful adventure that consists of taking in all the beautiful things life has to offer, such as smelling flowers, eating ice cream, roller skating across a flower-filled park, shopping for favorite foods, soaking up the sun and watching fireworks.

To say that the random strangers receiving the wedding invitation were impressed is an understatement. Heck, Haifa even got a round of applause from a group of young men for her idea.

Inspiration struck after she watched a video of Malala Yousafzai saying that girls as young as 14 in Pakistan are expected to marry and have kids.

“Let me tell you for sure, This idea wasn’t just me. Initially I was inspired while listening to Malala say that in her country, girls at the age of 14 are expected to get married and have kids.. And then I just saw the video… I saw me wearing a wedding dress getting married to life!!,” Haifa wrote on her official Facebook page on Saturday.

More than 210K people have seen Haifa’s “I GOT MARRIED” video on YouTube, and now, it’s your turn to join them.