American tourist injured at Ajloun Castle


Published: 2018-06-16 13:21

Last Updated: 2024-07-19 00:20

Ajloun Castle is a well-preserved 12th century structure.
Ajloun Castle is a well-preserved 12th century structure.

An American tourist was moderately injured after falling from a height of over two meters at Ajloun Castle on Saturday, Petra news agency reported.

She was given first aid on site and immediately transported to Al Iman Hospital, a nearby governmental health facility.

Hospital Director, Walid Imam, disclosed to the state media agency that the woman suffered bruises all over her body and a hemorrhage in her ear.

He noted that the hospital had already ran tests but based on the patient’s request, she will be transferred to a private hospital in Amman for treatment.

Ajloun Castle is a well-preserved 12th century structure situated in the northwest of Jordan, located 76 kilometers north-west of the capital city Amman.

It is among the top tourist destinations in the country, as it is one of the locations advertised through the Jordan Trail- which was among the 21 best places to visit in 2018 according to National Geographic’s traveler magazine.

Foreign visitors to Jordan have been steadily increasing since the beginning of the year, leading to a five percent increase in revenue for each month of 2018 so far.

In February alone, a total of 35,000 tourists from the Gulf region visited the castle and other sites in the area including Mar Elias, Ashtafina, Rajib and Arjan.

Two projects have improved the site of Tell Mar Elias; the first provided services and infrastructure such as shelters to preserve the mosaics and parking lots, while the second constructed trails that connect the rehabilitated ancient water mills.