Complaints of mobile prepaid cards' high prices in Jordan


Published: 2018-10-14 16:22

Last Updated: 2024-07-03 23:30

Complaints of mobile prepaid cards' high prices in Jordan
Complaints of mobile prepaid cards' high prices in Jordan

The Jordan National Society of Consumer Protection (NSCP) denounced the high prices of prepaid mobile cards amid lack of official follow-up by the authorities as well as the increase in complaints filed by citizens in this regard.

Retailers affirmed that prices of prepaid cards have indeed witnessed a recent spike. According to retails, the added tariff was imposed by telecommunications companies themselves, though these companies state otherwise.

NSCP Chairman, Mohamed Obaidat, said in a press release on October 14, 2018, that the number of complaints have become very worrying, pointing out that NSCP has followed up on these complaints which turned out to be credible as retailers now sell these cards with an added 10 to 20 piasters per card.

Obaidat stressed that this is cause by the weak to no follow up of regulatory sectors. He added that the absence of any official statement from telecommunications companies has led some shop owners to take pricing into their own hands.

He explained that NSCP has called on both the government and the affiliated telecommunications companies in order to publically announce an official pricing list of these cards. This will force retailers to commit to these specified prices. It will also eliminate any margin for violations, Obaidat added.

Obaidat confirmed that NSCP will not turn a blind eye on this subject as it will continue defending consumers’ rights.

Jordan National Society for Consumer Protection (NSCP)

Established in 1989, NSCP aims to raise consumer awareness while working along with governmental sectors and regional institutions. NSCP's efforts are also deployed to fight market monopoly and ensure fixed pricing on goods and services. Since 1995, NSCP represents the consumers in the National Codex Committee (NCC), as well as in the administrative council of the Jordan Institute for Standards and metrology (JISM) and in all technical committees associated with consumers.