ASEZA: Plans of seawater desalination facility in Aqaba


Published: 2018-10-23 16:19

Last Updated: 2024-04-20 07:44

ASEZA: Plans of seawater desalination facility in Aqaba
ASEZA: Plans of seawater desalination facility in Aqaba

The Commissioner of Environment and Regional Affairs in Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Sulaiman Najadat, said that the Authority will establish a Seawater Desalination facility that will supply Aqaba in particular and the Kingdom as a whole with sufficient quantities of water in coordination with Aqaba Water Company.

Najadat added that the Authority is to rely on renewable energy to supply Aqaba with electricity, which will be done through a project that will be executed soon, and will result in a 50% decrease in water and electricity bills.

The workshop entitled "Green Growth", which was organized by the ASEZA Environment Commission in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, revealed that Aqaba is one of the cleanest cities in the Kingdom and that authorities are planning to implement measure to recycle waste as well as eliminate the use of plastic bags and replacing it with paper and fabric ones.

As for irrigation, establishing a wastewater treatment plant is also planned, where the facility is expected to be one of the most outstanding stations in the region and will be producing sufficient qualities of treated water.

He added that the Authority plans on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by thousands of trucks, which will be achieved through the use of the Railway’s Land Port in which will make the Ma’an-Aqaba transportation conducted by train.

Technical Advisor for the Minister of Environment and Director of Green Economy Unit at the Ministry of Environment, Jihad Alsawair, said that the ministry is working in cooperation with various relevant sectors in energy, water, tourism, agriculture and transportation fields, to develop an executive strategy for the national "Green Growth" plan.