Lonely Planet: Jordan among top 10 touristic destinations 


Published: 2018-10-24 16:43

Last Updated: 2024-07-10 01:47

Lonely Planet places Jordan in 6th place of world top travel destinations
Lonely Planet places Jordan in 6th place of world top travel destinations

Jordan was ranked among the top 10 touristic destinations in the world for 2019, in a guide published by the world-renowned travel guidebook publisher, Lonely Planet, recommending travel enthusiasts to enjoy the Jordanian unique travel experience.

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Lina Annab, said that featuring Jordan as sixth on a list issued by a global, prestigious and trusted institution, is a real achievement for the Kingdom, in addition to the fact that this will play a vital role in increasing the number of new tourists coming to Jordan.

“This nomination will play a pivotal role in increasing the number of new tourists [coming] to Jordan to explore this Middle Eastern time-old destination with a modern twist and will act as a reminder to those who have already visited Jordan that a revisit to this marvelous country is due. This anticipated increase in number of tourists is in perfect harmony with the Kingdom’s plan for continued growth and development.”

This increase in the number of tourists is fully compatible with the development plans for the Kingdom, Annab added, noting that many efforts have been done to make Jordan an easy-to-reach destination, which is positively reflected in the increase in the number of tourists visiting Jordan.

Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, pointed out that “such a recognition by this world-renowned travel guidebook publisher will further enhance Jordan’s ranking among travellers… the tourism sector is witnessing rising growth and such reports help support the sector.”

In a statement obtained by The Jordan Times, Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director, Tom Hall, said: “Exciting endeavours are Jordan’s specialty and the country has always offered amazing adventure, but now it is given exploration a modern twist, making it easier than ever for travelers to experience. The new Jordan Pass offers a free visa and access to the country’s main sites.“

Every year, travel enthusiasts around the world wait excitedly for Lonely Planet’s “List of Countries to Visit". The list has become a key guidebook with ideas, destinations, and travel experiences, Hall added.

Lonely Planet is a leading travel company, established in 1973, and one of the most important guidebook brands in the world to provide compelling content and information to those obsessed with travelling.