Flying Taxi in Jordan?


Published: 2018-11-12 14:39

Last Updated: 2024-07-03 21:43

Flying Taxi in Jordan?
Flying Taxi in Jordan?

For the first time in Jordan’s history, the Golden Eagle Aviation Academy (GEAA) launches an “Air Taxi” transportation service in the Kingdom.

In collaboration with skills and technical cadres of veterans from the Royal Jordanian Air Force, modern US-made Robinson R44 helicopters are now available for leisure use.

The service is considered to be a huge step forward in tourism, as it provides many benefactors including fast transportation, sightseeing, as well as aerial photography. In addition, GEAA offers 3D cinematography, which is used in film industry and advertisement sectors.

The company also provides leisure trips and sightseeing to famous and touristic local sites such as the Dead Sea, Jerash, Ajloun and Aqaba.