Government refuses answering deputies' inquiries, as files are 'secret'


Published: 2018-11-28 11:08

Last Updated: 2024-07-12 15:59

Government refuses answering deputies' inquiries, as files are 'secret'
Government refuses answering deputies' inquiries, as files are 'secret'

The Jordanian Minister of Energy, Hala Zawati’s reply to inquiries made by members of the House of Representatives about electricity files, invoices of how much Jordanians are spending on electricity, and other questions was that these are considered “secret files”.

A parliamentary session held by the House of Representatives on November 27, 2018, interspersed with questions about several files that were met with mostly unconvincing answers from government which forced the deputies to interrogate matters further.

Deputies attacked successive governments’ slogans, including the government of Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, which was described by MP Ahmed Hamisat as ink on paper, confirmed by Khrebet Al-Souq’s failed project.

The Minister of Public Works in turn did not hesitate to reply, saying that a “huge dilemma” faced the project which made work, impossible.

During the meeting, talks about tens of millions of Jordanian Dinars wasted on destroyed curricula books, financial aid given to unknown directions, in addition to the railway projects, which from the point of view of the deputies by now looks clearly fictitious.

During the session, the deputies did not receive any adequate answers which raised the level of doubt. This skepticism was soon turned into a surprise when Energy Minister Hala Zawati considered that it was impossible to provide answers as these documents are "secret files".

It was a quiet regulatory session, where a few ministers were absent because of their busy schedules, some deputies did not attend with or without excuse, and came one day after the Senate approved the Income Tax Bill (ITB), as received from the deputies.