Insane rise in vegetable prices in Jordan


Published: 2018-12-03 13:58

Last Updated: 2024-07-10 04:58

Insane rise in vegetable prices in Jordan
Insane rise in vegetable prices in Jordan

Jordan National Society for Consumer Protection (NSCP) issued a statement on the prices of fruits and vegetables in Jordan on Monday, December 3, 2018, according to complaints received by citizens complaining of high and exaggerated prices in the markets, in all governorates of the Kingdom.

Head of Consumer Protection, Dr. Mohamed Obeidat, said in a press statement that NSCP followed up on the complaints and observed the market, where it turned out that prices of vegetables and fruits have risen dramatically; as tomatoes are being sold between 60-90 piasters, and potatoes JD 1-1.5, onions 70 piasters and one dinar, and imported regular sized bananas between JD1.25-1.5.

Obeidat asked the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, to provide reasons for this rise in prices and called for a price frame to be set to limit this insane rise. He added that these commodities should be available to consumers at moderate prices with high quality, specially in these difficult economic conditions which the country is witnessing.

"We at the NSCP are fully prepared to cooperate with the Ministry of Industry in setting a frame for the prices of fruits and vegetables, as we have done so in the past. Prices will be based on scientific studies that guarantee the rights of all parties, consumers and traders.”

Obeidat stressed that NSCP has always been and will continue to defend the rights of farmers, and demand support for and call for protection of their produce. He pointed out that NSCP is completely convinced that small farmers do not benefit from increases in prices at all, because what is produced by them is sold at low prices to some traders.