Video: Twin sisters filmed 'fighting' inside mother's womb


Published: 2019-04-18 11:40

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 15:49

Video: Twin sisters filmed 'fighting' inside mother's womb
Video: Twin sisters filmed 'fighting' inside mother's womb

Chinese twins were filmed punching and kicking each other while they were still inside their mother’s womb.

The two fetuses, who are monoamniotic twins, appeared as if they are in a boxing match as one shoves the other, and vice versa.

The trending video comes from an ultrasound when the twins’ mum was four months pregnant.

The 28-year-old father, Tao explained that he took the video when he went with his wife to her prenatal check-up appointment in Yinchuan City, according to Metro Newspaper.

“I didn’t expect my daughters to be internet stars before being born.” the father told the Chinese newspaper The Paper.

Tao added that he saw the two hugging each other in an earlier check-up on January 2019, so it seemed that they made up.

“We were so touched. The babies were so small, yet knew how to take care of each other. We believe that they will grow up living in harmony with each other,” Tao told The Paper.

The identical twins were born healthy and named Cherry and Strawberry, after their mum’s favorite fruits.