Chinese Embassy in Amman issues statement on coronavirus outbreak


Published: 2020-01-30 16:53

Last Updated: 2023-05-30 19:05

Chinese Embassy in Amman issues statement on coronavirus outbreak
Chinese Embassy in Amman issues statement on coronavirus outbreak

The Chinese Embassy in Amman assured that its government has taken effective and strong measures that will be implemented firmly and with more force to address the coronavirus.

The Chinese government has the determination, confidence and ability to tackle the epidemic with wisdom and prevention, and it will fulfill its international obligations and immediately meet the legitimate concerns of foreign citizens in China and ensure their safety in a responsible manner, according to a statement issued by the Embassy today.

Prevention and treatment of the coronavirus epidemic has become the most important work of the Chinese government and people, directives have been issued by Chinese President Xi Jinping in this regard, and meetings have been held to briefly review the governance, prevention and treatment of the epidemic in order to re-examine the work style, repositioning and re-mobilization, and the Communist Party of China (CPC)'s leadership team has been established to address the epidemic, which bears the overall responsibility in this field, the embassy added.

China has embarked on international cooperation with a high spirit of responsibility, the Embassy noted, stressing that China shares information with the World Health Organization (WHO) about the epidemic and technology since the epidemic spread. 

Contacts have continued between Chinese agencies accredited in other countries, international organizations and various parties to report the state of the epidemic and efforts of governance and prevention from the Chinese side, as the Chinese side obtained positive estimates, understandings and solidarity with the governance and prevention measures taken by the Chinese side.