48-hour lockdown to start at 1 AM on Friday


Published: 2020-10-13 17:22

Last Updated: 2024-04-15 18:56

48-hour lockdown to start at 1 AM on Friday
48-hour lockdown to start at 1 AM on Friday

The government will continue imposing a 48-hour lockdown on Friday and Saturday, announced the Minister of State for Media Affairs, Ali Al-Ayed, on Tuesday.

The total lockdown will start at 1 AM on Friday across the Kingdom, he added.

The decision came based on recommendations from the Crisis Management Cell at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, due to the increase in the number of positive cases in Jordan.

The government reiterated the need to abide by health and safety measures such as wearing facemasks and social distancing.

Lifting restrictions depends on citizens' adherence to precautionary guidelines in order to prevent further spreading of the virus, he added.

The two-day lockdown will be followed by the normal overnight curfew starting at 1 AM until 6 AM on Sunday.

Travelers leaving or arriving to the country are allowed to pass checkpoints by showing their boarding pass and are permitted to be driven to the airport by one person only.