Global COVID-19 cases reach 50 million


Published: 2020-11-09 10:50

Last Updated: 2023-11-17 07:42

Global COVID-19 cases reach 50 million
Global COVID-19 cases reach 50 million

More than 50 million new cases of the coronavirus have been officially counted in the world since the outbreak began at the end of 2019, according to an AFP census based on information from the authorities Sunday at 16.15 GMT.

More than 50,010,400 cases were recorded, including 1,251,980 deaths worldwide.

Europe is the worst-affected region in the world, with 12.6 million confirmed cases, including more than 305,700 deaths. Last week, more than half of the cases recorded in the world (3.9 million) were recorded in the 52 countries in the European region (2.1 million).

In the last seven days, the European countries that recorded the largest number of additional injuries are France (381,000), Italy (223,000), the United Kingdom (160,000), Poland (159,000) and Spain (143,000).

In the United States, the number of cases recorded daily in recent days has exceeded 100,000. The total number of injuries is approaching ten million, including more than 237,000 and 100 deaths. Likewise, the number of positive cases continues to rise, with an increase of 36 percent over a week (738,000) compared to the previous week (542,000).

After Europe, the regions most affected by the epidemic are Latin America and the Caribbean with 11.6 million cases, Asia with 11 million cases, the United States and Canada with 10.1 million cases, the Middle East with 2.7 million cases, and Africa with 1.9 million cases.