COVID-19 vaccine will be at the expense of the government upon availability: Obeidat


Published: 2020-11-14 21:19

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 05:52

COVID-19 vaccine will be at the expense of the government upon availability: Obeidat
COVID-19 vaccine will be at the expense of the government upon availability: Obeidat

Saturday, The Minister of Health, Nathir Obeidat, confirmed that what is rumored about allowing the movement of citizens for only two hours a day, is untrue and there is no decision yet.

During the Roya program Nabd Al Balad, Obeidate added that the health situation in Jordan must be re-assessed and all necessary measures must be taken, in order to best serve the health of every Jordanian citizen.

Obeidat explained that there are currently no measures or decisions in regards to a smart lockdown, stressing that the government prefers that there be a period before implementing any specific action.

No further action or decisions will be taken for a duration of one week, said Obeidat.

In regards to the lack of COVID-19 dedicated beds in hospitals, Obeidat said “we have made sure that there are beds in Irbid”.

In addition, if patients do not have available beds within their area, then they will be moved to the nearest location where a bed is available, said Obeidat.

Obeidat told Roya that the Gardens Hospital will begin to receive coronavirus patients Sunday and 120 beds for COVID-19 patients have been made available in Al Bashir Hospital in Amman.

As announced by the Prime Ministry Saturday, the number of PCR tests that came back positive have reached 28.8 percent. Obeidat indicated that due to the holiday, the target groups were those infected and those in contact with them, which justifies the high rate of cases from the daily examinations.

He said that the coronavirus deaths in Jordan are within the average rate for the countries of the world, pointing out that the death rate in Jordan has reached 1.2 percent.

Obeidat pointed out that the imposition of a total lockdown, as seen in other countries for two or three weeks limits the spread of the virus. However he stressed that the government is not considering another total lockdown due to the economic toll it takes on the Kingdom.

He emphasized that protecting health personnel is a priority for the ministry and all health institutions, noting that Jordan has a large stock of personal protection supplies and is purchasing what is needed to last for the next three months.

He said that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in Jordan January or February 2021, stressing that it will not be sold to citizens, but will be at the expense of the government, considering that the coronavirus crisis is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

He explained that the available vaccine has no current validity, and when the treatment proves its effectiveness and safety, the authorities represented by the Jordan Food and Drug Administration will study the possibility of administering this treatment through the emergency use of the drug.

Obeidat pointed out that hospital occupancy rate currently ranges between 50 to 55 percent, while noting that the three field hospitals belonging to the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services,will be ready within 3 weeks.