New government measures revive hope for commercial, service sectors: JCC


Published: 2021-05-29 12:55

Last Updated: 2024-07-10 04:00

New government measures revive hope for commercial, service sectors: JCC
New government measures revive hope for commercial, service sectors: JCC

The representative of the food sector in the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Raed Hamadeh, stressed the importance of the government's plan to reopen sectors and economic activities, and to reduce curfew hours, which he said, would jumpstart the economy and revive the commercial movement and the tourism sector.

Hamadeh indicated in a press statement Saturday, that the mitigating measures announced by the government represent the revival of hope for the commercial and service sectors, especially those that have remained closed and suspended from work since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, such as wedding and event halls and event-planning businesses.

He explained that these measures would support the steadfastness of commercial and service establishments in continuing their work, which would "hopefully" compensate for the multiple losses they incurred during periods of closures and restriction.

Hamadeh praised the government's three-month plan to open the economic sectors.

He pointed out that the commercial sector relies a lot on the measures announced by the government to stimulate the tourism sector, to increase the movement of commercial activity and revitalize the wheel of the economy.

He stressed the keenness of commercial and service establishments to implement and abide by the stipulated defense orders.

Hamadeh appealed to citizens to adhere to the health measures by wearing a face mask and preventing gatherings to limit the spread of the coronavirus and to ensure the success and implementation of the government plan to open sectors and reduce curfew hours to reach a safe summer.

During a press conference Thursday, the Minister of State for Media Affairs Sakher Dudin said the government will start reopening closed sectors starting Tuesday June 1.

He said that the plan to reach a safe summer is divided into three phases, the first of which will begin on June 1 and includes the gradual reopening of sectors, including gyms, reallowing some activities and updating procedures regarding the entry of people arriving to Jordan.

The second phase will start July 1, which will include the reduction of curfew hours among other measures to stimulate tourism especially in the Golden Triangle.

This phase also includes the full return of public sector employees to work, and the beginning of the return of in-person education for higher education colleges, which will be determined at a later date by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The third phase will start Sep. 1, through which the government hopes to abolish all restrictions with the aim of returning to normalcy.

Additionally, in-person education in schools and universities will be restored, and most sectors and activities will be allowed to operate at all times and at full capacity.

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