Temperatures in Iraq soar over 50 degrees with no electricity to cool down


Published: 2021-07-04 11:04

Last Updated: 2023-09-27 15:53

Credit: AFP
Credit: AFP

Temperatures Sunday reached over 50 degrees Celsuis in Iraq, following a record 52 degrees earlier this summer. 

Iraq also witnessed an electricity cut which was caused by the failure of a major power line, according to local media. Baghdad and southern provinces have been particularly affected.

Due to the power outages not a single watt of energy is being delivered to houses where refrigerators, air conditioners and other fans sit out of service.

"We are very tired and cannot stand in the sun, our situation is very bad. We are exhausted. The other day I fainted and fell on the ground. We don't have electricity. The generators are failing daily and they are not providing us with electricity," a Iraqi citizen told AFP.

Another citizen said, "Summer has begun and we are now suffering from the heat. We spray ourselves with water during work due to the high temperatures, which have reached 50 degrees. We go to work at 4:00 pm to avoid the heat for a bit. There is no electricity and we suffer a lot because of that. We have power for an hour and then it cuts off completely. We work in this hot weather and spray ourselves with water [to keep cool]."