Icelandic Prime Minister infected with COVID-19


Published: 2022-02-12 18:19

Last Updated: 2024-05-27 15:17

Icelandic Prime Minister infected with COVID-19
Icelandic Prime Minister infected with COVID-19

Icelandic Prime Minister Catherine Jakobsdottir announced that she had contracted Covid-19 and that the infection was transmitted to her from a member of her family, according to a message published Saturday on her Facebook page.

"My youngest son was diagnosed with Covid-19 on February 1. Since then another family member has contracted the virus, so it was not very surprising that she tested positive as a result of the screening test that she underwent," the Prime Minister's post read.

The 46-year-old prime minister will adhere to a five-day quarantine, in compliance with the recommendations in force in the country.

Iceland recorded an average of two thousand cases of Covid-19 per day in the past four days, which is a record number for the country, noting that the number of hospitalizations due to infection remained stable.

Iceland, with a population of 370,000, has recorded a total of 85,980 cases and 54 deaths related to Covid-19, according to the latest data published Friday.

As of Saturday, the restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic were eased in the country, while allowing larger numbers to gather in public places, lifting restrictions imposed, especially on swimming pools and sports halls, and extending the work of bars, restaurants and nightclubs by one hour (until first in the morning).

The government plans to lift all restrictions at the end of this month.