90-minute space journey to cost USD 480,000


Published: 2022-02-17 18:09

Last Updated: 2024-05-22 08:06

90-minute space journey to cost USD 480,000
90-minute space journey to cost USD 480,000

Virgin Galactic announced Wednesday that it will open ticket sales for a 90-minute space trip, costing USD 480,000 and will take customers to the edge of space and back.

Customers will have to pay a USD 150,000 deposit and before the flight they will have to pay the remaining USD 300,000.

Virgin Galactic is owned by the eccentric billionaire Richard Branson, who famously had his own spaceflight along with his employees on July 11, last year, in what seemed like a space race for the ultra-wealthy where Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos blew USD 5.5 billion for a 10-minute space trip through his space company Blue Origin.

The CEO of Virgin Galactic, Michael Colglazier, said that the aerospace company is planning to have 1,000 customers on board at the start of the commercial service later this year, which can establish a foundation for the company to start its trips and expand its fleet.

The reservations of the spaceflights will provide the opportunity to join the Future Astronaut membership community.

The President and Chief Business Officer Blair Rich stated that Virgin Galactic has developed a convincing sales process to support its commercial business.