Amman's most wanted cocaine dealer arrested: Public Security Directorate


Published: 2022-08-13 20:17

Last Updated: 2023-09-27 16:34

Amman's most wanted cocaine dealer arrested: Public Security Directorate
Amman's most wanted cocaine dealer arrested: Public Security Directorate

The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate said that the employees of the Drug Enforcement Administration continued to implement their qualitative operations in a new phase of intensifying efforts to combat the activities of trafficking, promotion and smuggling of narcotic substances, and striking the hideouts of criminals.

He added that the leadership of the apparatus harnessed all logistical, operational and intelligence capabilities, to confront the death dealers and those involved with them in order to obtain justice. 

He pointed out that during the past few days, the Drug Enforcement Administration followed up the investigations in three specific cases and concluded the investigation, while other operational teams are still investigating other cases.

He confirmed that one of the investigation teams has caught and arrested the most wanted person within the promotion and trade of cocaine in Amman.

A special operations team had investigated that case, after receiving information about the presence of a dangerous person who was introducing and promoting cocaine into the capital, which is considered a dangerous substance that has little circulation in the Kingdom. 

When he was arrested, he was found with a kilogram of hashish and 2,000 narcotic pills. 

In his residence, 2.5 kg of cocaine was found, in addition to 16 kg of hashish, large quantities of narcotic pills, a quantity of crystal narcotic and a firearm.

In another qualitative case, an investigation team from the administration was able to follow up on a person suspected of promoting and trafficking in narcotic substances after following up on information received about him offering a large amount of narcotic substances for sale. His vehicle was on the Amman-Zarqa highway, and he was arrested and 50,000 narcotic pills were seized.

In the third case, a security force, with the support of the special team within the administration, raided a farm in Al-Balqa Governorate, after confirming by intelligence methods that its owner had used it to grow narcotic marijuana seedlings.

The media spokesperson stressed that the anti-drug system in the Public Security Directorate, which is led by the administration under the guidance of the agency’s leadership and in coordination with a number of specialized units, is adopting new and firm rules and plans to follow up and strike drug dens according to new rules and methodology, putting at the top of its priorities that there is no place for drug dealers and traffickers among the public.