'Tashgheel' employs more than 14,000 since April 2022


Published: 2023-01-04 13:04

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 12:04

'Tashgheel' employs more than 14,000 since April 2022
'Tashgheel' employs more than 14,000  since April 2022

A total of 14,422 people have been successfully employed thanks to Tashgheel, a government-sponsored program launched back in April 2022 involving agreements with 829 private-sector institutions.

According to data obtained by Petra News, 7,630 females and 6,792 males have been allocated jobs since April, 1,114 of these individuals are beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund (NAF). The program, which aims to provide 60,000 private-sector jobs, has so far filled 43,933 positions.

Applicants are employed in accordance with employers' needs and in coordination with economic sector representatives. Each individual employed by a private sector entity will receive JD 130 as a monthly wage subsidy for up to six months, provided that the employer offers the employee a one-year contract at least. The program also includes a JD 10 contribution to the worker's monthly social security premium and a similar amount as transportation allowance for up to of six months.

Tashgheel called on job-seekers to register by visiting employment departments across the Kingdom or other service centers listed on their official website.