Will it snow in Jordan this week?


Published: 2023-01-29 12:00

Last Updated: 2024-06-21 14:35

Will it snow in Jordan this week?
Will it snow in Jordan this week?

Jordan is expected to be affected by two air depressions during the current week, Director of Operations at Arabia Weather Osama Tarifi told Roya Sunday.

Tarifi added that temperatures will begin to drop starting tomorrow evening. The weather will be stable during the day and cold at night.

Tuesday, a significant change in weather conditions is expected as a new air depression – classified as second-degree – will affect the Kingdom.

He explained that Tuesday's air depression will be concentrated in the northern and central regions, and will be accompanied by strong winds and dust, indicating that the first depression will witness heavy rain in northern and central Jordan, but it will not snow.

However, there will be a chance for snowfall during the second air depression, which will start affecting Jordan Wednesday and Thursday.

The snow is expected to fall on high mountainous areas, especially in the south of the Kingdom, according to Tarifi.

He confirmed that by the end of this week, the weather will return to being stable.