Air depression moves away from Jordan


Published: 2023-02-02 13:30

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 15:22

Air depression moves away from Jordan
Air depression moves away from Jordan

ArabiaWeather website for weather forecasts announced that the air depression will move away from the Kingdom on Thursday, leaving the country affected by the influence of the cold air mass rushing behind the depression.

The website added that Jordan was affected by an air depression and a cold air mass that was classified as third-degree, since the afternoon and evening of Wednesday.

It explained that showers of rain fell in different regions of the north and center of the country, and showers of snow fell in the late night hours over the peaks of mountain heights, especially in the north.

The announcement also indicated that there is a slight decrease in the temperatures expected on Thursday, while they remain far below their average rates for this time of the year.

There is a possibility for showers of rain at intervals in some western regions of Jordan with strong gusts that exceed the limits of 60 km/h, leading to dust waves in the southern and eastern regions.