Why is the international community turning a blind eye to Syria?


Published: 2023-02-07 19:24

Last Updated: 2024-05-24 01:47

Editor: Talah Turk ،Dana Sharayri

Why is the international community turning a blind eye to Syria?
Why is the international community turning a blind eye to Syria?

After the deadly earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey, many countries rushed to help one country and turned a blind eye to the other despite that both countries are going through one catastrophe.

-- Is it the political agenda? --

International law expert Suheil Fatlawi explained to Roya that countries respond to humanitarian issues differently based on their political agenda and relationships.

Fatlawi said that Turkey is a NATO member and helping them feeds into mutually beneficial relationships. Syria, however, is “not wanted” by European countries and the United States.

“Sometimes countries don't need assistance, yet they get it anyway. Meanwhile, other countries are in desperate need of assistance, but they don't receive it.”

-- 'It’s like Syria doesn’t exist' --

An eyewitness living in Aleppo told Roya that the situation in Syria is really “bad” following the earthquake.

“It’s devastating,” she said.

“All news outlets are only talking about Turkey. It’s like Syria doesn’t exist.”

“Everyone is helping Turkey. We understand, but Syria also needs support and help.”

-- 'Lift sanctions against Syria' --

The hashtag ‘Lift sanctions against Syria’ was among one of the trending hashtags on social media over the past 24 hours.

This came as many expressed frustration for the lack of support and aid provided to Syria in comparison with Turkey, despite the fact that both countries were struck by the same earthquake that killed and injured thousands.

A social media user wrote on Twitter: “No electricity. No water. No heating. No bread. No medicine. A decade-long war. And now an apocalyptic earthquake. The west must lift its sadistic sanctions on Syria and stop suffocating the Syrian people for political agendas. Syrians need to recover.”

Another user wrote: “This is what sanctions have done to civilians in Syria. To keep this blockade even after a natural catastrophe and punish over 24 million innocent people for what a group of war criminals did is demonic and immoral #Lift_sanctions_on_Syria.”

“The "civilized" world is deliberately sabotaging all aid missions which the people of Syria urgently need after yesterday‘s earthquake. LIFT THE SANCTIONS NOW,” read another tweet.

Syrian journalist Mustafa Agha offered his condolences to the people of Syria and Turkey following the deadly earthquake that killed at least 5,000 people in both countries.

Agha posted a video on his official Instagram account, reminding people that even though the situation is devastating in both Syria and Turkey, but “the situation is worse in Syria. They’re living without electricity, water, kerosene, or gas, during the cold."

He called on everyone to put their differences aside and help those in need.

Syrian actress Amal Arafa urged to immediately lift sanctions imposed against Syria.

In an interview with Al Jadeed TV, Arafa said: “Syria has gone through 12 years of destruction.”

“There are thousands underneath the rubble,” she pleaded.

“As countries, are we really going to observe (from afar) and let politics get in the way?”

She added: “Of course, I sympathize with everyone who has been subjected to natural disasters.”

“My heart can’t take how people are heading to Turkey but not Syria… Do they think that Syrians got used to it?”

Early Monday morning, a major earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, killing thousands of people.