5.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Iran


Published: 2023-02-21 12:03

Last Updated: 2023-06-08 00:11

5.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Iran
5.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Iran

The United States Geological Survey said Tuesday that a 5.3-magnitude earthquake occurred northwest of Bandar Abbas in Iran.

The Iranian Red Crescent in Fars province declared a state of alert following the earthquake.

No further information was disclosed, according to Iranian media.

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Earlier Tuesday, the National Center of Geophysics in Lebanon reported that a 4.0-magnitude earthquake occurred at 4:23 am.

The center said that the earthquake occurred off the coast of southern Lebanon, 64 km from Sidon.

Monday evening, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake and a second measuring 5.8 hit the Turkish-Syrian border area.

It was also reported that the sound of buildings collapsing in Antakya, Turkey was heard and electricity was cut off as a result of the earthquake.

The earthquake was felt by residents in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan.

This comes after a devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Northern Syria on Feb. 6 and left over 44,000 people killed and thousands injured.