Earthquake hits Lebanon's coast


Published: 2023-02-22 09:45

Last Updated: 2024-05-28 05:51

Earthquake hits Lebanon's coast
Earthquake hits Lebanon's coast

The residents of Sidon, Lebanon, felt a strong tremor on Wednesday morning, according to Roya's correspondent.

The correspondent said that the tremor lasted for several seconds, causing panic and fear among the citizens.

Global seismological observatories showed that a 4.4-magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of the sea in the cities of Sidon and Beirut.

The earthquake happened 222 km away from the Jordanian capital, Amman.

In turn, Roya's correspondent in occupied Palestine reported that the residents of the West Bank felt the earthquake. 

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Earlier Tuesday, the National Center of Geophysics in Lebanon reported that a 4.0-magnitude earthquake occurred at 4:23 am.

The center said that the earthquake occurred off the coast of southern Lebanon, 64 km from Sidon.

Two days ago, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake and a second measuring 5.8 hit the Turkish-Syrian border area.

It was also reported that the sound of buildings collapsing in Antakya, Turkey was heard and electricity was cut off as a result of the earthquake.

The earthquake was felt by residents in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan.

This comes after a devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Northern Syria on Feb. 6 and left over 44,000 people killed and thousands injured.