Pupils' parents dismayed over official 'disclaimer' regarding field trips


Published: 2023-03-09 14:35

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 08:56

Pupils' parents dismayed over official 'disclaimer' regarding field trips
Pupils' parents dismayed over official 'disclaimer' regarding field trips

Pupils' parents expressed their dismay after schools announced they shall bear "no responsibility" if something were to go wrong on a school trip.

This came in an official disclaimer that is included in field trip permission slips, which states that the school is not responsible for students' safety.

This made parents panic and hesitate letting their children take part in school trips.

One parent Mazen Adnan said that his son wanted to go on a field trip with his class but the permission slip included a disclaimer saying that the school "bears no responsibility."

Another parent Shaima Saeed referred to the disclaimer as a "defect," saying it makes her question the role of the Ministry of Education in this regard.

One of the parents, who wished to remain anonymous, asked about the government's role in this regard saying: "Who will take responsibility if something bad happens to my son or the school bus gets into a traffic accident ... or the supervising teacher neglects any of the students?"

- Ministry of Education weighs in -

The Director of Educational Activities at the ministry Ajmal Al-Tuwaiqat said they are looking into making amendments to these instructions, which were amended after the Dead Sea tragedy, which occurred on Oct. 25, 2018 and claimed the lives of 21 children as a result of torrential rains.

Tuwaiqat told Roya that the amendments will prioritize student safety, hold schools accountable if at fault and tighten control over buses in terms of capacity and readiness to transport students.

He also stressed the importance of school trips saying: "They are an outlet for students and an opportunity for them to be entertained."

He said the amendments were made after the tragedy, stressing the importance of the responsibility that schools and parents hold in this regard.