UBS agrees to buy Credit Suisse for $2 bn: report


Published: 2023-03-19 21:57

Last Updated: 2024-03-01 18:23

UBS agrees to buy Credit Suisse for $2 bn: report
UBS agrees to buy Credit Suisse for $2 bn: report

UBS has agreed to take over its troubled Swiss rival Credit Suisse after doubling its offer to $2 billion, the Financial Times reported amid urgent talks Sunday aimed at sparing the embattled bank from a bloodbath when the markets reopen.

The two largest banks in the wealthy Alpine nation famed for its banking prominence have been in negotiations throughout the weekend, with the government, the central bank and financial regulators all involved.

The Swiss government announced it would hold a press conference at 7:30pm (1830 GMT), after President Alain Berset, other government ministers and the central bank chief, Swiss National Bank chairman Thomas Jordan, spent the day in talks at the finance ministry in the capital Bern.

The Financial Times newspaper, which was the first on Friday to report the prospect of Switzerland's biggest bank swallowing up Credit Suisse, said UBS had agreed to buy it for $2 billion, with its fellow Zurich-based lender having spurned an earlier offer of $1 billion.

The FT said shareholders would get 0.50 Swiss francs ($0.54) per share, with the deal to be done on Sunday before the markets open in Asia.

After suffering heavy falls on the stock market last week, Credit Suisse's share price closed Friday at 1.86 Swiss francs, with the bank worth just over $8.7 billion.

Credit Suisse's share price has tumbled from 12.78 Swiss francs in February 2021 due to a string of scandals that it has been unable to shake off.