SOFEX Jordan, Sager announce partnership to launch Levitate Conference and Exhibition


Published: 2023-03-20 19:09

Last Updated: 2024-06-20 12:46

SOFEX Jordan, Sager announce partnership to launch Levitate Conference and Exhibition
SOFEX Jordan, Sager announce partnership to launch Levitate Conference and Exhibition

The Special Operations Forces for Exhibition and Conference “SOFEX Jordan” and Sager, announced their partnership to launch the Levitate Conference and Exhibition, the premier event for the drone industry in Jordan and the region, during a press conference held recently, in attendance of His Excellency the Assistant Chief of Staff for Planning, Organization, and Defense Resources and Jordan Armed Forces, Brigadier General, Dr. Yousef Al Khatib. The conference will take place during the period of July 16th to July 17th at the St. Regis Amman Hotel.

Khatib reinforced the importance of such conferences designed to raise awareness of the latest trends, developments, and innovations in the drone industry, positioning the conference as an excellent platform for professionals, enthusiasts, government officials, military entities, and industry leaders to network, share knowledge, and explore the limitless possibilities of drone-powered solutions.

SOFEX Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Taweel commented on the conference by saying: "Keeping with His Majesty King Abdullah II vision to facilitate partnerships aimed at enhancing Jordan’s economy, we are proud to launch SOFEX’s latest initiative; the Levitate Conference, which will fundamentally be a platform to bring together key players to share their experiences and emphasize on the importance on enforcing rules and regulations in the drone industry in Jordan and the MENA region".

For his part, Yousef Amoura, Sager CEO, commented: “We are proud of our partnership with SOFEX to build this platform for sector experts and stakeholders to meet, exchange knowledge, and work together to design a roadmap to adapt this new technology in their business and operations. In addition to creating a venue to shed light on the solutions offered by drones and how to use this technology to solve problems in various sectors.”

The two-day conference will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, live demonstrations, and exhibitions from the leading drone companies, innovators, and experts in the field. Attendees will learn about the latest applications of drone technology, including surveillance, agriculture, logistics, transportation, and search and rescue operations.

Throughout the conference, attendees will discuss key topics, such as rules and regulations for drones, roadmap and its challenges, automation, and electronic governance, in addition to the applications of drones in renewable energy, construction and communications, and many others.

Notably, Sager, a Jordanian success story, was first launched in Jordan and further expanded its operational reach into seven international countries, with the primary objective of making drone technology feasible and accessible to companies in various fields.