'Tawjihi' to become two-year program starting 2024-2025


Published: 2023-03-22 12:02

Last Updated: 2024-06-14 21:29

'Tawjihi' to become two-year program starting 2024-2025
'Tawjihi' to become two-year program starting 2024-2025

'Tawjihi,' which is the national general secondary education certificate examination, will become a two-year program starting the academic year (2024/2025), as announced by the Ministry of Education.

The Director of the Examinations and Tests Department Mohammad Kinana told Roya Wednesday that students will sit for some exams in 11th grade and the rest in 12th grade, both of which count as part of the student's final score.

The new Tawjihi system cancels out the traditional streams (scientific, literary, etc.) and instead introduces educational packages based on the student's career choice, Kinana explained.

Kinana said the ministry is working on developing a new strategy for the last three years of school, based on two paths of education, an "academic" path and a "vocational" path.

The distribution of students between the two paths will be determined at the end of the ninth grade, and grade ten will be a preparatory year for the Tawjihi program.

Students who wish to go to university, must complete and pass the general secondary school examination, he said.

In regards to the vocational path, Kinana said that there are "major and radical changes in the next academic year."