Jordan sends 14-truck convoy to Syria


Published: 2023-04-19 16:37

Last Updated: 2024-06-13 09:39

Jordan sends 14-truck convoy to Syria
Jordan sends 14-truck convoy to Syria

Wednesday, the Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization sent another relief aid convoy as part of the Kingdom's response to the deadly earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey on Feb. 6.

The convoy was sent in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, and the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF).

According to their official statement, the trucks were transporting food, as well as relief and medical supplies, which will be delivered to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

The organization's Secretary-General Hussein Al-Shibli said that they are working on delivering all donations they received to meet people's basic needs in the quake-stricken areas in Syria.

He called on citizens and residents to continue helping and donating if they can.