Orange Jordan sponsors first 'Tawasol' forum held by Crown Prince Foundation


Published: 2023-05-08 13:06

Last Updated: 2023-11-17 12:41

Orange Jordan sponsors first 'Tawasol' forum held by Crown Prince Foundation
Orange Jordan sponsors first 'Tawasol' forum held by Crown Prince Foundation

Orange Jordan sponsored the first Tawasol forum, Dialogue on Reality and Aspirations, held by the Crown Prince Foundation at the King Hussein Business Park.

The forum provided a platform for 500 decision-makers, representatives from the private sector, civil society institutions, experts, and youth.

Through 20 sessions, the forum tackled various topics, covering politics, economy, business, tourism, entrepreneurship, sports, digital technologies, society, law, education, media, and more.

Orange's sponsorship represents an extension of its long-term partnership with the Crown Prince Foundation, which meets the company's vision and aspirations to support youth.

The forum addressed issues closely connected to Orange Jordan's digital programs and partnerships, such as content creation, Jordan's investment environment, the economy of the future, promising sectors, artificial intelligence, and the example of ChatGPT, with a focus on overcoming risks and seizing opportunities, unemployment and the informal sector, the role of universities in leading progress, and the journey of entrepreneurs in Jordan.

Orange Jordan showcased its Innovation Hub activities through a virtual-reality experience of the Notre Dame Church and the Petra archaeological site, in addition to the innovations of the Orange FabLab participants, mainly an autonomous drone, a 3D mold for designing and printing casts, and a spider robot.

The company said that sponsoring the forum comes in light of the importance of the topics in enhancing the role of youth through digital empowerment, innovation, and entrepreneurship, alongside promoting dialogue and knowledge sharing to understand reality and be ready for the future.

"We continue to empower youth through our free Digital programs designed to foster training for employment and provide the necessary resources to launch innovative projects in various areas of the Kingdom, to drive sustainable development in line with the Economic Modernization vision. Our focus remains on highly demanded skills and technologies such as programming, digital manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science," added the company.