UN rights council condemns Quran burnings


Published: 2023-07-12 15:19

Last Updated: 2024-05-26 20:45

UN rights council condemns Quran burnings
UN rights council condemns Quran burnings

The UN Human Rights Council votes to condemn recent Quran-burning incidents, but many countries declined to back it, fearing the resolution encroaches too far on free speech.

The United Nations' top rights body backed the resolution by 28 votes in favor, with 12 against and seven abstentions.

The Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN Khalil Hashmi said: "It is indeed misleading to claim that international human rights law does not protect a specific religion or a sacred book rather it protects individuals and their rights. If this claim were true, what is to be said about international human rights law protecting people from the impacts of climate change. This draft resolution is therefore about human rights impacts of such vile acts and protection against acts of religious hatred. "

"We have seen that the issue of religious hatred has become a systemic challenge. Several instances of desecration of the Holy Quran have taken place and broadcast. It aims to address the issue of the systemic human rights impacts arising from the absence of prevention, legal deterrence and accountability. And finally, it does not seek a council mandated mechanism but leaves the space for states to examine and adopt national laws and policies to prevent and counter acts and advocacy of religious hatred. I thank you," he added.

The Permanent Representative of Argentina to the UN Federico Villegas said: "Finally, we stress the need to strengthen the human rights approach in all public policies of the member states in order to avoid that hate speeches and expressions deepen pre-existing inequalities, especially when they target vulnerable and historically discriminated persons and groups."