Authorities arrest nine drug dealers, smugglers across Jordan


Published: 2023-08-08 09:55

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 04:42

Authorities arrest nine drug dealers, smugglers across Jordan
Authorities arrest nine drug dealers, smugglers across Jordan

The Public Security Directorate (PSD) announced that it had successfully apprehended one of the most dangerous drug smugglers in Jordan.

This individual, who was classified as armed and dangerous, had multiple arrest warrants for drug-related cases issued against him.

He was involved in smuggling drugs into the country in collaboration with international criminal networks.

The statement detailed that the arrested individual faced additional charges related to security incidents, including incitement to violence against law enforcement personnel engaged in anti-narcotic operations.

Over the past few days, the PSD actively engaged in addressing six distinct cases across the Kingdom, including Zarqa, Amman, Mafraq and Ramtha. These operations resulted in the arrest of nine drug dealers, promoters, and smugglers.

Highlighting a specific case in the northern Badia area of Al-Ruwaishid, the PSD successfully apprehended a wanted person for his involvement with international drug smuggling networks. This person was implicated in orchestrating gunfire attacks against anti-drug law enforcement personnel. The operation, involving careful planning, led to the arrest of the individual and his brother. They were found in possession of firearms and ammunition.

In Amman, an AND team raided the residence of a drug dealer who had accumulated nine charges related to drug dealing. During the operation, a number of drugs and a firearm were seized.

Another case in the capital resulted in the arrets of a drug dealer who was accompanied by an associate. A quantity of cocaine was confiscated during the operation.

In Zarqa, an investigative team acted on information regarding an individual preparing a substantial quantity of narcotic pills for smuggling into a neighboring country. This individual was linked to a larger drug smuggling network. The team successfully arrested the suspects and seized around 50,000 narcotic pills.

The PSD also shared that their investigators received a tip about unidentified individuals hiding significant amounts of drugs in the joint Syrian-Jordanian free zone. Acting on this information, the team discovered three kgs of crystal meth, 15,000 tablets of Captagon, and 300 grams of cocaine. Through careful intelligence efforts, the individual responsible for the narcotics was identified and subsequently arrested. This arrest revealed the suspect's involvement with international drug smuggling networks.

The PSD Monday affirmed its unwavering commitment to tackling drug-related crime through the efforts of the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND).

Their operations involve tracking down drug dealers and smugglers, disrupting their operations, and ultimately ensuring that they face legal consequences for their actions.