Neymar reportedly joins Al-Hilal Saudi Club


Published: 2023-08-14 13:23

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 03:05

Neymar reportedly joins Al-Hilal Saudi Club
Neymar reportedly joins Al-Hilal Saudi Club

Paris Saint-Germain sensation Neymar da Silva officially signed with Al-Hilal Saudi Club during this summer period, according to reports made by Saudi media.

Spanish newspapers had reported earlier that Neymar was set to undergo a medical evaluation in Paris, as part of the preparations for finalizing his contractual commitments with the Saudi club.

The Spanish news outlet has hinted that Al-Hilal intends to unveil the Neymar agreement on the upcoming Wednesday, through an extravagant event scheduled to take place in Riyadh.

Transfers and coaching shuffle expert Fabrizio Romano shared on his Twitter account: "Al-Hilal has concluded all the necessary paperwork for the Neymar pact today, Monday, after the player ultimately consented to a two-year agreement."

The seasoned Mercato analyst added that Neymar's legal representatives are concurrently scrutinizing the formal contracts, and Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia has already set a designated date for the comprehensive medical assessment.

Reports stated that Neymar's contract will last until 2025, and he will receive an annual salary of 160 million euros.