'Barbie' movie screening approval sparks controversy in Jordan


Published: 2023-08-17 18:51

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 22:40

'Barbie' movie screening approval sparks controversy in Jordan
'Barbie' movie screening approval sparks controversy in Jordan

The Jordan Media Commission's (JMC) approval of the "Barbie" movie screening in Jordan has sparked controversy, prompting a range of differing opinions.

A source from the JMC informed Roya that the film underwent a thorough evaluation by specialized committees within the commission. Following that, a decision was made not to ban the movie from being shown in Jordan.

A comprehensive analysis revealed diverse perspectives from viewers. One individual expressed that the movie "directly critiques the global feminist movement."

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The movie, according to the same individual, underscores traditional gender roles.

For its part, the Islamic Action Front party issued a statement condemning the decision made by relevant authorities to permit the screening of the "Barbie" movie in Jordan. The party argues that the film features scenes promoting homosexuality, and failing to ban it constitutes a breach of the constitution and runs contrary to the values of Jordanian society and its Arab and Islamic identity.

Notably, the movie was banned in several Arab countries, including Kuwait, Lebanon, and Algeria.