MP slams Barbie movie for promoting 'homosexuality and feminism'


Published: 2023-08-24 15:34

Last Updated: 2023-11-17 08:40

MP slams Barbie movie for promoting 'homosexuality and feminism'
MP slams Barbie movie for promoting 'homosexuality and feminism'

MP Adnan Mshawqa criticized the government's decision to approve the screening of the "Barbie" movie in Jordanian cinemas.

He sought clarification regarding the legal reasoning and regulations upon which the Media Authority based its decision to grant the movie approval for screening.

He also demanded an explanation for why the movie was not banned in Jordan like it was in numerous Arab countries that identified potential risks and negative impact on society.

Mshawqa deliberated, "Could the presentation of this film within Jordanian cinemas pose a significant danger to society and its cohesion due to its portrayal of misleading concepts, such as homosexuality and feminism?"

Moreover, he spoke about the potential infringement upon Islamic and Arab principles and customs, protected by the country's constitution, laws and regulations.

A reliable source within the Media Authority confirmed that the film underwent comprehensive evaluation by the specialized committees within the Authority.

This source, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that subsequent to the film's assessment, the commission did not opt to ban its screening in Jordan, signifying its approval.