Hotel occupancy rates hike in Jordan


Published: 2023-08-24 18:54

Last Updated: 2024-06-15 15:34

Hotel occupancy rates hike in Jordan
Hotel occupancy rates hike in Jordan

The Vice President and Spokesperson of the Jordan Hotels Association Hussein Hilalat said there has been a significant surge in hotel occupancy rates for the upcoming weekend (Aug. 24-26).

Hilalat said that hotels across all categories had observed a remarkable increase in occupancy, specifically hotels in the Dead Sea region which recorded a 66 percent occupancy rate.

In Amman, there was a 58 percent increase, 28 percent in Petra and 68 percent in Aqaba.

Five-star hotels in Amman boasted a 65 percent occupancy rate, 90 percent in Aqaba, 80 percent in the Dead Sea and 48 percent in Petra.

As for four-star hotels, Amman recorded a 60 percent occupancy rate, while Aqaba and the Dead Sea reached 58 percent and 52 percent respectively. In Petra, there was a 21 percent rise in occupancy rates.

Within the three-star category, Amman attained a 50 percent occupancy rate, Petra reached 16 percent, and Aqaba achieved 57 percent.