Smoking drains government resources: KHCC


Published: 2023-09-04 09:29

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 09:33

Smoking drains government resources: KHCC
Smoking drains government resources: KHCC

The Assistant Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) Munther Al-Hawarat emphasized that smoking represents a significant drain on government resources, with lung cancer accounting for 85 percent of all cases among smokers.

This is particularly concerning given the substantial financial investments made by the government in healthcare, especially considering that treatment for cancer, pulmonary issues, heart diseases, and respiratory illnesses is provided.

He told Roya that the financial losses incurred by the government due to smoking far surpass the revenue generated through tobacco taxes, making it an alarming issue.

He stressed that smoking is a serious addiction that requires treatment and called for health insurance to cover the costs of its treatment.

-Limiting Smoking in Public Spaces-

Hawarat also highlighted the importance of implementing the Public Health Law, which aims to reduce smoking in public areas.

He suggested that this approach can significantly reduce smoking within just eight working hours, especially among employees of public institutions and government departments.

Reducing people's exposure to harmful substances resulting from smoking, and consequently decreasing the risk of diseases, is a positive outcome of such measures.

Furthermore, Hawarat emphasized that e-cigarettes are no less harmful than traditional cigarettes, citing studies that indicate their potential to cause direct fatalities due to their high nicotine content and the dangers associated with flavored additives.

-Anti-Smoking Efforts-

Previously, His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed the urgency of addressing the smoking epidemic, stressing that the current situation is unacceptable.

He emphasized the importance of enforcing the Public Health Law, particularly in the battle against smoking among young people.

The king called for the development of a comprehensive strategy to combat smoking and for stricter controls in public places to deter smoking.

He underscored that "the health of our children must take precedence over all other considerations."