Amman Commerce Chamber considers standardized business hours


Published: 2023-09-14 20:15

Last Updated: 2024-06-30 13:29

Amman Commerce Chamber considers standardized business hours
Amman Commerce Chamber considers standardized business hours

Wednesday, various commercial sectors continued their meetings to explore the possibility of adopting standardized business hours for their establishments and facilities in Amman.

Asaad Al-Qawasmi, a member of the Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC), noted that there is no unanimous agreement among traders regarding the establishment of set business hours for their shops. Several proposals and amendments are being carefully deliberated.

He told Roya Thursday that necessity and objectives are the determining factors for the opening and closing times of shops.

He stressed the urgent need for a comprehensive study to establish working hours for commercial activities, affirming that this process will take time.

He pointed out that there are differing opinions on the recommendation, with some in favor and others opposed.

A study conducted by the Policy and Studies Management at the chamber surveyed 3,000 business owners from 18 different professions and sectors to determine the suitable operating hours for commercial establishments across 19 geographical areas within the boundaries of the capital.

The study revealed that 60.2 percent of business owners support the establishment of defined business hours, whereas 24.5 percent are against it. Meanwhile, 15.3 percent chose not to provide an answer.