National earthquake preparedness exercise 'Safety Path 3' to begin Monday


Published: 2023-09-17 09:56

Last Updated: 2023-09-30 21:55

National earthquake preparedness exercise 'Safety Path 3' to begin Monday
National earthquake preparedness exercise 'Safety Path 3' to begin Monday

The National Center for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM) announced that the national earthquake preparedness exercise "Safety Path 3" will commence Monday, spanning over two days.

The exercise aims to evaluate the readiness and preparedness of both public and private institutions in dealing with earthquakes and their aftermath.

The center emphasized that the exercise is designed to test national capabilities in response and rescue operations, ensuring the integrity of vital infrastructure, mechanisms for receiving and distributing aid, updating relevant databases, and effectively managing awareness messages during and after earthquakes to guarantee the continuity of daily life.

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Additionally, evacuation, rescue, lockdown and alarm procedures will be carried out, with a security presence in various areas around 10 AM, without disrupting public life.

The Director of the Media Response Unit at the NCSCM Ahmed Al-Naimat affirmed that there will be no disruption or hindrance to public life during the execution of the "Safety Path 3" exercise.

He emphasized that reports suggesting changes in the schedules of institutions or schools due to the exercise are unfounded.

Regarding the simulation of natural disasters, Naimat clarified that the exercise will assume a powerful earthquake scenario, simulating the need for evacuations from areas containing explosive materials and school evacuations for approximately half an hour, equivalent to a class period.

He further explained that the exercises for earthquake simulation will include field exercises, communication-based scenarios, and other exercises related to earthquake hazards.

The focus will be on central and southern regions, with drills conducted in various governorates to test the sub-plans derived from the national earthquake plan.