Deputy King monitors progress of 'Safety Path 3' drill


Published: 2023-09-18 20:09

Last Updated: 2023-09-30 19:44

Deputy King monitors progress of 'Safety Path 3' drill
Deputy King monitors progress of 'Safety Path 3' drill

The Deputy King, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein, monitored the progress of the "Safety Path 3" exercise at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management on Monday.

The drill is being conducted in partnership with relevant ministries, the Jordanian Armed Forces, security agencies, and civil society organizations over a two-day period.

His Royal Highness, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Bisher Al-Khasawneh and the chairman of the center's board, reviewed the national plan for dealing with earthquakes. The exercise simulates the procedures taken by all relevant institutions in the event of an earthquake and how to handle its aftermath.

During the exercise, His Royal Highness received a briefing from the center's Deputy Chairman, Brigadier General Hatem Al-Zu'bi, on the executive measures of the national earthquake response plan.

The exercise scenario simulates the aftermath of an earthquake, including search and rescue operations, evacuations, providing first aid to the injured, and activating pre-prepared plans involving all government sectors, security agencies, and volunteer teams.

The drill aims to test the country's capabilities in emergency response and disaster management, ensuring the resilience of vital infrastructure, the efficient distribution of aid, and the dissemination of awareness messages during and after an earthquake.

It also seeks to raise awareness among citizens about how to respond in emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters through simulated evacuation drills in schools, universities, and other institutions.

In conclusion, the exercise is a significant demonstration of Jordan's readiness to respond to any potential disasters and emphasizes the importance of preparedness, coordination, and cooperation among all institutions and authorities.