Lutheran church leader to advocate for Palestine in London visit


Published: 2023-09-19 18:23

Last Updated: 2024-06-19 09:29

Lutheran church leader to advocate for Palestine in London visit
Lutheran church leader to advocate for Palestine in London visit

Bishop Munib Younan, head of the Lutheran Church in Jerusalem and Palestinian activist, is embarking on a significant visit to London. During his stay, he will engage in political and media discussions, as well as support "national awareness" initiatives.

On Tuesday, the Arab Jerusalemite Archbishop will partake in a political dialogue in the House of Lords, aimed at conveying the plight of Palestinians living under occupation to British lawmakers. He will address the ongoing brutality inflicted on innocent citizens by the occupying forces.

The visit, organized by the Cambridge Center for Palestine Studies in Britain, will also involve meetings with Arab communities, particularly the Palestinian community, British legal professionals, and media representatives.

Before this, on Sunday, Bishop Younan will participate in a political symposium attended by the public. This event will feature Palestinian Ambassador Afif Emil Safieh, Bishop Toor Jorgensen of the Lutheran Church in Britain, Coptic Orthodox Archbishop Angelius, and Palestinian academic Makram Khoury. The symposium will take place in London, a city historically associated with the Balfour Declaration over a century ago.

The Arab Chamber of Commerce in London will host a dialogue between Bishop Younan, diplomats, and representatives of civil society organizations supporting Palestine. This collaborative effort, scheduled for Tuesday, is being conducted in partnership with the Jordanian Embassy and the Palestine Mission in London.

Bishop Younan, a first-generation Palestinian clergyman in Jerusalem, is renowned for his involvement with the "Kairos" organization, known as the Church Against the Occupation. He also served as the former president of the Federation of Lutheran Churches. The Archbishop of Jerusalem advocates for the removal of the occupation from the city, emphasizing its role as a place of peace, justice, and tolerance. He encourages Christian Palestinians to remain steadfast in their homeland, discouraging emigration ideas.