Jordan's Interior Minister emphasizes investment-friendly environment


Published: 2023-09-21 13:50

Last Updated: 2024-04-14 05:41

Jordan's Interior Minister emphasizes investment-friendly environment
Jordan's Interior Minister emphasizes investment-friendly environment

Jordan's Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya highlighted Jordan as an attractive destination with a secure environment for investment and residence.

He noted that government procedures aimed at boosting the economy are in place.

During a meeting with the Security and Executive Council in Tafilah, Faraya mentioned that 402 investors have applied for Jordanian citizenship. This reflects the significance of investing in Jordan, which benefits from important government incentives and provides a fertile investment environment.

He also pointed out that the industrial city has enjoyed unprecedented privileges, which have encouraged substantial investment, creating job opportunities for the governorate's residents and contributing to reducing unemployment.

Faraya stressed that excessive and unplanned expansion of certain services could incur additional costs for Jordan.

He emphasized that combating unemployment is a national priority, calling for concerted efforts to attract investments and generate employment opportunities.

Since October of last year, Jordan has seen 77,000 tourists enter through the Syrian border, reflecting efforts to enhance the tourism sector.

Faraya urged a departure from what he termed "routine" in governmental work and advised against unnecessary financial resource consumption, which could deplete the nation's capabilities.

He praised Jordan's financial reputation on both national and international fronts, which fosters increased confidence from donor funds. He affirmed that Jordan's economic situation remains stable despite its challenges, with services provided by the state.

Faraya called for a collective effort to confront economic challenges and work towards overcoming crises that impact Jordanians in the face of their living conditions, aspiring for Jordan to become a prime investment destination.