Four Palestinians arrested in Hebron


Published: 2023-09-27 10:50

Last Updated: 2023-11-17 22:40

Four Palestinians arrested in Hebron
Four Palestinians arrested in Hebron

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) conducted arrests in the Hebron Governorate on Wednesday, detaining four Palestinians, according to Palestinian media reports.

The arrests took place in the town of Shuyoukh, located northeast of Hebron. IOF raided the homes of three brothers and apprehended them after conducting searches. The arrested individuals were identified as Rizq, Qassam, and Ahmed Al-Halaika.

Another young man, Muhammad Al-Rajabi, was arrested after his residence in the city of Hebron was also raided and searched.

Prior to these arrests, IOF had established military checkpoints at the northern entrances of Hebron and the entrances to the towns of Al-Dhaheriya, Sa'ir, and Halhul. These checkpoints disrupted traffic, subjected citizens' vehicles to searches, and checked their IDs.