New King Charles III coins revealed in the UK


Published: 2023-10-14 12:08

Last Updated: 2024-03-01 19:49

New King Charles III coins revealed in the UK
New King Charles III coins revealed in the UK

A new collection of coins, from one penny to two pounds, was unveiled by the Royal Mint following the coronation of King Charles III. The eight new coins all feature designs inspired by plants and animals, as a reference to the king's interest in nature and conservation.

The Royal Mint's chief commercial officer, Nicola Howell, said: "The final chapter of a change of monarchy with now King Charles being on the obverse of these coins, and what we're going to be really revealing is, for the first time, a change in 70 years of these designs being the changes on the tails of our eight coins. So from the one pence through to the two pounds, new designs, which really represent the natural habitat, and also the passion for conservation."

Their Director of Commemorative Coin, Rebecca Morgan, said: "There were lots of animals and flowers that we could have chosen for these coins. And there was a committee that got together, but one of the main reasons was the strong stories of conservation behind each of the species that you see on these coins."

Chris Barker, their Information and Research Manager, said: "So what we have here is a range of flora and fauna designs. I think what you get with coinage designs is that they often reference the age in which they're from. Given the climate situation that we find ourselves in today, and given that Charles has spent most of his life dedicated to nature conservation, these flora and fauna designs are very fitting for this monarch and this era."